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Katia Cancelli

How many times have you instantly been attracted by a large and precious daily bag? And then find out – later on – that it weights more than expected even being empty? The fashionable backpack choice, It allows you to balance the weight of a sure inseparable comfort evenly between the two shoulders. Although it is not a choice for everyone.. Shoppers and shoulder bags remain, for capacity and practicality, the most popular choice; but then, how do you choose them?

Nowadays the postural trend courses, which are very popular, very often try to accomplish to this bad habit, which involves not only aesthetic outfit, but also postural defect that can at long term cause chronical posture deficiency affecting mobility and as a result your health. A study by the “British Chiropractic Association” shows how heavy bags are among the main causes of back pain. Moreover, many women wear too heavy bags and unconsciously lift their shoulders to prevent them from sliding down. This behaviour leads to the continuous unhealthy contraction of the musculoskeletal system. In order to keep healthy we suggest to select more severely the items. Therefore our advice is to buy and select lighter bags, with comfortable and thick handles to better distribute the weight. It is a good strategy to avoid bags made of heavy materials and bags full of ornaments as well as small metal charms. Above all, avoiding handbags with handles and straps that are too thin or chain-like is a good advise. They can not only unbalance the body, but also cut the shoulder interfering with the circulation and causing abrasions and tingling. The pains caused by wearing heavy bags tend to affect the trapezius, the muscle positioned in the nuchal region and in the dorsal part of the thorax. Backaches, shoulders pain, stiff neck and headaches are the first warning of a physical discomfort; the body screams its disequilibrium – warns us that the mechanics of the movements are damaging. The body, in fact, tries to compensate for the extra weight of the bag by hanging more on the opposite side, altering the overall structure. Gianluca Egidi, an expert massage therapist, explains in his publications how any bag that weighs more than 10% of our body total weight will interfere with our natural mobility. Lopsided walk – increases the risk of falls as well. If it is the lumbar part of the back that hurts, the cause can, instead, be attributed to the wrong choice of shoes. The ideal heel height is around 5 cm. Higher heels or flat shoes put the joints under a considerable stress. The vertebral column is also affected by footwear that do not remain well anchored to the foot such as shoes that are open on the heel. If shaking the foot leads to a loose shoe, it means that they are unstable. While wearing them you involuntarily tend to curl your toes oppressing the foot arch. Other excellent tips and advices by research: It is a good choice not to wear super tight pants made of spanx that compress the thighs’ nerves causing muscular inflammation; the suggestion to moderate the use of the smartphone, the continuous consultation of which is detrimental for the cervical muscles. Luckly nowadays we have the smartphone, which condensates infinite data in a few grams and can, by itself, relieve our bags and shoulders from a lot of weight. Technology and fashion come together to the rescue by proposing more and more powerful and light I-tech doozy or by promoting less strict and more endearing lifestyles. “No pain, no gain” is not more longer time.


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