Linguistic Imagination in Power

Linguistic Imagination in Power

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Katia Cancelli

The synaesthesia, as a rhetorical figure, involves the matching of two words belonging to two different sensory levels. It is a fascinating mismatch of meaning.

The rhetorical figures sustain an artistic dimension of the language and have the purpose of creating an emotional effect that has a particular impact on who reads or listens. There are different kinds of phonetic, syntactic and semantic.

Poetic escamotage aside, it is understood, that ,it is often a matter of rhetorical figures which combine linguistic meaning used by the food and wine critics to portray the sensation feeling tasting a plate or a glass of wine. With –“Woe is me”– with a little peace of mind of the readers. In the fashion world encountering this kind of language, is not so obvious or frequent, and I often find myself wondering how many and which cascades of words would bring Alberto Arbasino to describe special objects or custom phenomena. Surreal and capricious or sumptuous his lexical exploits never cease to amaze the reader.

Certainly “Alve Soft” is a material that offers matches experiences. Why? At sight it is soft and soft-touch. Even before touching it, the sight is lost between the soft loops of the expanded vinyl drops and the desire to tighten it and test its resilience,it is uncontainable.
This material absorbes the light,it has a very high perceived density, concentrates to itself the glance that is wedged and lost in the soft loops of its curvilinear three-dimension.

The red color is bright and mat, the black is deep and compact, the creamy white makes the mouth watering, it is sweet and creamy. Red and black white are the three magical colors, the three grades of the alchemical work: “nigredo, albedo, rubedo”. Symbols of transformation and rebirth. To these colors is added the blue, intense and immense; this has the calm and the confidence of a night look on the whole cosmos.
It is a featherweight. The lightness, in grams, of this voluminous and playful fabric is surprising. “Alve fabric” has an alveolar core, an original, sacred and lucky structure, on which the handcrafted mix vinyl expands creating a joyful expanse similar to a bed of cute popcorn.

“Alve Soft” fabric, then has a silent sound. Not only does it not produce sound, it also soften it as it absorbs, shocks. The bags in “Alve” are protective like cotton nests for your “chicks / technological fetishes”. Your documents and secrets will be well guarded.
Made with raw materials totally free of phthalates, the fabric is non-toxic, ecological and hypoallergenic. These features, which are very important for ethically attentive and responsible consumers, are nonetheless secondary to the look, decidedly innovative and bizarre of what looks like a crispy, soft and technological postmodern crochet.

It does not smell “Alve”, it is neutral and respectful. It is washed in water, easy to clean, does not fade in the sun, transpires.
To use a hyperbole – more than deserved – “Alve Soft” is the fabric we have been waiting for a lifetime.