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The Innovation that Challenges the Fashion

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Katia Cancelli

The K bond bags collection is light and fresh, soft and playful. Produced with a special material created by the Venetian Cancelli International Srl, a reality specialized in production of expanded vinyl fabrics, the idea came from a challenge of Katia Cancelli to launch into the future Alve Soft, one of the softest materials in the historical of the family business.

The K Big and K Midi models hand-sewn, are very light and therefore, safeguard the posture of those who wear them. The bags are capacious and robust and thanks to the total absence of metal elements, they are easily washable in water. Alve Soft, patented, is the material with soft drops of expanded vinyl, protects the objects placed inside in a prodigious aesthetic harmony that matches technology and the nostalgia of a historical past.

It actually looks like a tailored handmade croquet with the wisdom of a woman of old times. It is instead a secret compound of vinyl of the Cancelli International’s craftsmen that, during the textile production, take volume and turn out to be like colorful popcorn beds. The white, red and black, the three colors of the magical alchemical phases to which is added the blue, the color of composed elegance, are the four colors that Katia Cancelli, godmother of these creations, has selected to promote the brand.

Attentive and perspicacious, the K bond line captures the needs of the contemporary living. The targets of Cancelli? The people current fast movements, the necessity of anyone to rely on ductile accessories, with a clean design that can be matched to whatever personality is wearing them – at work or in private life – is always the right choice. The Venetian Cancelli company embodies the genetics of the best Italian Northeast, carrying on the demanding family heritage in the current international markets.

K bond is a tribute to the memory of the beloved father Mario, Cancelli’s company historical founder, and a great challenge projected into the future, to improve, regenerate, and keep up with the times, actually, anticipating them. Alve Soft, created with very high qualities compounds totally non-toxic as it does not contain phthalates, will really satisfy the most demanding customers who are most careful to the quality of the materials.

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