Innovative K Bond Bags

K Big

K Bond big bag with generous dimensions, light, strong and washable in water
Available in three colors: Blue, Black and Red all Double Face
Dimensions: 46cm H x 36.5cm L x 14cm P
k big look

K Midi

K Bond Midi bag is compact, resilient, portable shoulder lightly.
Available in three colors: Blue, Black, Red. The bag is Reversible.
Dimensions: 38cm H x 36.5cm L x 14cm P
k small look

A century after the foundation of the Staatliches Bauhaus, K bond Katia Cancelli proposes this accessory, a shopping bag available in two sizes, K Big K and small, perfect example synthetic approach, essential design inaugurated by Walter Gropius.

The German School of Applied Arts, become the a reference point for the contemporary Modern Movement, it placed the attention on the design and realization of objects able to combine the utilitarian purpose of aesthetic value.

“Less, but better” used to say Dieter Rams“Less is more” reiterated Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.. “Bring the essential” says K bond!

And to the intrinsic quality of the Alve Soft fabric is added the revaluation of the craft work: the hand cut, the sartorially packaged with the help of a solid tooling for sewing, the controlled accessorised and packed with attention to detail.